La Lumière Starter Set GRAND


1 Two Face Lotion
1 shoe cream – colour of your choice
1 Moist Lotion

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La Lumière shoe cream is the first and only shoe cream on the world market, that smells of refreshing citrus, elegant neroli and lavender.
It is based on the very intensively nourishing organic argan oil – just like the Artist Palette No 1 – which, due to its excellent properties, is very popular in the shoe industry. which is very popular in cosmetics due to its excellent properties.

It is ideal for moisturising and renovating leather care and gives shoes a beautiful shine,  that is more subtile than that of Artist Palette No 1.

La Lumière Cream is available in 45 colours, so it covers a very wide colour spectrum in shoe colours.

Fragrance: Neroli + Lavender + Lemon

Content: 30 g



Two Face Lotion is both a leather cleaner and a moisturiser.
It removes dirt and old cream or wax residues as well as any stains in a single step.
and at the same time nourishes the leather with argan oil.

Colour: colourless, when/after shaking: white

Contents: 100 ml



La Lumière MOIST CARE is a very intensive colourless moisturising and care lotion based on organic argan oil,
as it is very often used for cosmetic products.
Aragn oil and macadamia butter have a high antioxidant effect and prevent leather damage.

The colourless MOIST CARE can be used for any leather colour.

For crocodile, lizard and snake leather, please use the specially developed LIZARD & CROCODILE care lotion.

Colour: colourless

Contents: 100 ml



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