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In addition to its elegant design, which is more reminiscent of a cosmetics range, the La Lumière series is characterised by its very high product quality,
it is distinguished not only by its very high product quality, but also by its special fragrances, which are completely untypical for shoe care products.

The shoe cream is the only shoe cream with the fresh scent of citrus, neroli and lavender aromas.

The product design and fragrance make you think it’s a cosmetic cream – but it’s actually a shoe cream,
which is intended to make shoe and leather care as pleasant as possible for ladies and gentlemen.

The high quality of the La Lumière series is distinguished by the use of organic argan oil 
as it is often used in cosmetics, macadamia butter and natural ingredients such as sugar cane and green tea extracts.

It is produced in the best quality in Japan by Columbus, Est. 1919, a manufacturer with over 100 years of experience.

La Lumière is exclusively distributed worldwide (Japan excepted) by the Boot Black Shop.

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