Suede & Nubuk Steelbrush

Steel wire brush for suede + Nubuk
with uberfine stainless steel wire 0.08 mm


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With the suede and nubuck brush with large bristle field made of ultra-fine, stainless steel wire, 0.08 mm in 4 rows of 9/10 tufts each.
The very large contact area of the bristles makes this steel brush especially suitable for nubuk leather, as the contact pressure can be kept very low.
With this brush, the glued fibres of the suede can be easily separated from each other and give a nice stroke. Handle and head made of lacquered beech wood, clear lacquer.

length: 16,00 cm

wire: 2,70 cm

4 rows of 9 or 10 steel wire tufts, diametre: 0.08 mm



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