Shoe Polish

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Shoe Polish – shoe wax

Shoe polish for the real mirror gloss


Oil-based shoe wax that can be polished very easily with drops of water to a mirror finish
It is characterised by an immensely high colour coverage, which after 2 or 3 layers completely covers the grain, the leather surface, comparable to a patent shoe.
The shoe wax remains relatively flexible and does not break so easily.
Ideal for the toe and heel area – for the high gloss of the quarters, the two side parts of the shoe,
we recommend the Artist Palette No 1.

Contents: 50 gr


    • Black
    • Neutral – colorless
    • Dark Brown
    • Medium Brown
    • Light Brown
    • Fawn – Tan
    • Mahogany
    • Burgundy
    • Navy – Dark Blue
    • Malt – Auburn
    • Dark Malt




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