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SELECT LINE Shampoo LEATHER – liquid leather soap for all leathers


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The Shampoo All Materials = Shampoo LEATHER from the new Sneaker Care SELECT LINE is the already well-known Shampoo LEATHER,
further developed and in a new design – the product characteristics from the user’s point of view have remained the same.

It is a liquid soap for all types of leather, both smooth leather and suede/nubuck leather.

It has a ph value of 5.0 +/-0.5 and lowers the ph value of the leather to its ideal value of ~4.5 as it has left the tannery.

The shampoo is recommended for the intensive basic cleaning of shoes and leather items and it’s especially suitable for suede, velour and nubuck.

For regular shoe care, I recommend Suede Spray for suede/velour/nubuck leather and for all smooth leathers the Two Face Plus Lotion.


content: 150 ml


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    Bestes Schuhwaschmittel! Insbesondere in Kombination mit dem Schwamm leicht in der Handhabe. Angenehmer Duft.

    Nicht verifizierter Kauf. Mehr Informationen

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