Artist Palette Starter Set

Artist Palette No 1  Starter Set



The Artist Palette No 1 is the state-of-the-art shoe polish of the Boot Black 1919 series. It contains ultra-fine colour pigments for a very intensive colour refreshment; an increased wax content for a very high shine that can easily compete with shoe wax, and argan oil to keep the leather permanently elastic. Mixed on the basis of argan oil, it contains solvents and is completely water-free. After about 3 thinly applied layers, Artist Palette No 1 can even be polished with water to the highest gloss, and that as a shoe polish!

Content: 35 gr

Colours: 22 – NEW: British Brown + Rosé Burgundy

Two Face Plus Lotion – Leather cleaner and moisturiser/conditioner 3-in-1 product – 3 care steps in only 1 step!
The Two Face Plus Lotion contains 2 liquids, argan oil and a leather cleaner. Both can be taken separately or shaken, then the content turns white, you can clean the leather in only one step and at the same time care for it and smooth its surface. The leather cleaner is suitable for removing both oil-based and water-based stains. Argan oil, known from facial cosmetics, makes the leather elastic and maintains its flexibility.


contents: 100 ml  

Customer video – Artist Palette No 1 plus High-Shine BASE and -COAT were used




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