High-Shine Base

High-Shine Base
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High-Shine Base

Base item of the High-Shine-Series


The High-Shine Base is the basic product for the High-Shine series consisting of High-Shine Base, Coat in the 3 colours black, brown and neutral
and the High-Shine Cleaner.
The High-Shine Base is primarily used to smooth the leather surface, so that the next step is to produce the high gloss with the High-Shine Coat.
The black and brown coatings produce the real mirror finish, completely cover the grain (the leather surface) and the shine is like a patent shoe.

The special feature of the High-Shine series is the durability and hardness of its wax layer,
which can also withstand knocks and any scratches that may have occurred can be easily repaired.
The finished gloss layer can very often be re-polished, and only if necessary must High-Shine Coat be applied again.


Contents: 50 g



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