SELECT LINE Shampoo LEATHER – flüssige Lederseife liquid soap for all leathers


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The Shampoo LEATHER from the new SELECT LINE is the already well-known shampoo, further developed and in a new design – the product characteristics from the user’s point of view have remained the same. It is a liquid soap for all types of leather, both smooth leather and rough, suede and nubuck leather. It has a ph value of 5.0 +/-0.5 and lowers the ph value of the leather to its ideal value of ~4.5.

The shampoo is recommended for the intensive basic cleaning of shoes and leather items and is especially suitable for suede, velour and nubuck. For regular shoe care, I recommend Suede Spray for suede/velour/nubuck leather and for all smooth leathers the Two Face Plus Lotion.


content: 150 ml



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